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<strong>Control Burn</strong>
Control Burn

Check before you burn. Local and State regulations change with fire weather and connditions. Call Southern Ute Dispatch before beginning your burn.


LOS PINOS FIRE PROTECTION Board Meetings: click here for login

Date: January 11, 2020

Virtual Attendance Only – Please use the following to attend.

Telephone Number: 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 471 455 4465 For computer users:

Regular Board Meeting: 6:00 p.m.

Welcome to Our Team

Los Pinos Fire would like to introduce to you the three newest full time emergency responders for the department. One emergency responder will be added to each of the three shifts so that we can now run two separate ambulances due to call volume increases in the area. A-shift will be adding Rob Kolks, B-shift will be adding Jen Sokol and C-shift will be adding Aubree Wiegert.

Rob started his career in Emergency Medical Services, gaining tremendous experience, in Detroit Michigan. He moved to the Four Corners area in 2016 for a slower, less dramatic way of life and has spent those four years working with Silverton Fire and Silverton Mountain Rescue gaining yet another tremendous set of skills. He has also worked most of this past year with Los Pinos Fire on the supplemental and reserve programs. He plays hockey plus likes to fish and ski in his free time.

Jen began her emergency services career as a volunteer in 2004, in Homer, Alaska at an all-hazard department, where she received training and response experience in marine, wildland, and structure firefighting, along with confined space rescue, and emergency medicine.

She moved to Durango in 2005 and soon became a career Firefighter/Medic with Durango Fire. Jen has worked most of this past year with Los Pinos Fire on the emergency supplemental and reserve programs. She is a certified personal trainer and has also worked in the fitness industry since 2008. Training and certifications include EMT-B IV, aircraft firefighting, marine firefighting, vehicle extrication, Fire Service Fitness Specialist, Hazardous Materials training, and ACE certified personal trainer.

Aubree comes from a local family of first responders. Her mom is a Durango Dispatcher. Her Dad has been a Paramedic/Firefighter in the four corners area Aubree’s entire 22-year life. Her Brother works for Farmington Fire as a Firefighter/EMT. Her Husband is a seasonal wildland firefighter. Aubree has worked most of this past year with Los Pinos Fire on the supplemental and reserve programs. She is currently an EMT-IV and is finishing the final testing to become a nationally certified Paramedic. She also has an associates degree in paralegal studies. She says she has two of the best dogs, likes to lift weights in her downtime and read Stephen King books.


Colorado State

Fire Instructor of the year

~AC FireFighter Griego

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Southern Ute Call Center – 970-563-0214

Southern Ute Health Center – 970-563-4581

San Juan Basin Public Health – 970-247-5702

Mercy Regional Medical Center – 970-247-4311

CO Dept. of Public Health – 1-877-462-2911

Los Pinos Fire Protection District – 970-563-9501


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